ZiPS Bidding Rules

IBC ZiPS bidding for the 2021-22 offseason.
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ZiPS Bidding Rules

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Please refer here for rules about posting and bidding:


As a brief reminder, all owners are empowered to post a link to team zips links from Fangraphs on the IBC site to start the 24 hour clock for bidding (I don't know when those will start rolling out). Bidding is to include any players from foreign leagues returning to MLB. As soon as a player is eligible to be signed in IBC, they are eligible to be bid on.

If owners don't have access to this thread, they can just post on the site and I can lift it into this thread to keep track of any bids.

To clarify for new owners: any foreign player entering MLB for the first time (J2 signings, Cuban leagues, Japanese/Korean leagues) are entered into the annual first year player draft along with college/high school draftees.
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Re: ZiPS Bidding Rules

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ZiPS coming out this monday AM 11/21
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