ZiPS Bidding Rules

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ZiPS Bidding Rules

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A refresher on the rules:
Whoever sees ZiPS posted on Fangraphs first please create a thread with the team name as the subject and link to the Fangraphs articles with ZiPS for that team. This starts the clock for bidding.

Bids are to be in $1 increments. Each team has a $20 budget for the bidding period.

Each team has a $20 budget. I will keep track of players once bidding is closed out on an individual player and debit your $20 and post on the site. I will post to close out a player as won by a certain team. The timestamp on the forum controls the clock running out, so don't panic if I don't post right away as time expires.

When posting names, please post first and last names for clarity.

Bidding begins under the team thread for each individual player (ie: "Tigers bid $2 for John Smith") and continues until 24 hours has passed without a bid. There is no requirement to bid on players or add players this way, but this is the process to acquire players with projections coming out over the next couple months.

As a reminder: we ruled last year that any players returning to the MLB from a foreign league go through the ZiPS bidding process rather than first come, first served. Please create a separate thread if you see an article or create a separate player thread if you see a one-off situation. These players cannot be signed independently.

Once Dan S. tweets the graphic of which team's ZiPS are released next, signings are frozen for that team.

Lesson learned from 2019 -- we will have one additional round of bidding once the ZiPS spreadsheet is released at the end of the ZiPS release cycle. This will be the catch-all period.
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Re: ZiPS Bidding Rules

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Has anyone seen if Dan Z's ZIPs google sheet is out? I know last year we had bidding when it was released?
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Re: ZiPS Bidding Rules

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Royals wrote: Fri Mar 26, 2021 11:43 am Has anyone seen if Dan Z's ZIPs google sheet is out? I know last year we had bidding when it was released?
Here is last years tweet if anybody wants to reply/ask. ... 9665880066

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