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Giants 2020 Draft Notes

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1-1 Spencer Torkelson, 3B - Tigers: Easiest pick in the draft. Even if he ends up at 1B he had me at "broke Barry's record at ASU". That's the kind of pop you need for that profile to work, and the Tigers also had a generational hitter in Miguel Cabrera who was an R/R 1B/DH so he's going to the right place. I didn't like anyone in the top 5 nearly as much so we felt some anxiety with that late season winning streak, I'm sure glad this worked out.

1-25 Patrick Bailey, C - Giants: I can't believe y'all let another Giant fall to me. He's not as exciting as Tork but for a pick that I got in exchange for Mike Brosseau I think this is fabulous value. He's a great hedge on Bart and let's me take more of a swing with pick 31. He's already in Kiley McDaniel's top 100! Plus if he turned out to be good I'd have to chase him down from one of y'all in any case!

2-1 Jordan Walker, 3B - Cardinals: Like I said, I wanted to take a swing with this pick given that I went safe with Bailey. So there's a 6'5 3rd baseman (with a reasonable chance to stay there) arguably the biggest raw power in the draft and an excellent work ethic to boot? Sign me up! Obviously like Torkelson there is 1B risk here, but you can never have too much pop in the lineup.

3-1 Tink Hence, RHP - Cardinals: I found Tink when I was researching Jordan Walker and of course I was drawn to the name. I think he's a guy who would have been more of a name if he'd gotten a senior year, he was definitely trending up stuff wise according to all the reports I read. The Cardinals have a pretty good track record developing pitchers, and I think he's got the highest upsideof any of the arms left on the board. Plus, great name!

4-13 Joey Wiemer, OF - Brewers: At this stage in the draft you look for lottery tickets, and I've always liked big college hitters on the theory that maybe they'll show some pop quickly and advance or else they'll fail quickly and can be replaced. Wiemer fits this mold. He's big (6'5!), he's strong, he didn't perform a ton at a mid major baseball school, he has a huge leg kick in his swing which looks awesome but makes his contact erratic, and when he gets a hold of one it sounds awesome. Fangraphs really brought him to my attention when Eric Longenhagen said "is sorta like Hunter Pence...but there's a little bit of Hunter Bishop as well", allowing me to call back to my greatest post in the history of this board and reshare

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