July 18 Hot Sheet

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July 18 Hot Sheet

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For the weeks of 6/28 through 7/11

So here you go boys, the best of the best and a little of the worst. A top five to bow down to, five others to crown king of their classes and one to hit in the gut and hope he gets back on track.

Hot Sheet
1. Evan Longoria - 3B - Pirates
.476/.593/1.048 20H, 7D, 1T, 5HR, 10R, 12RBI, 11BB, 2SB
Wow, just look at those gaudy numbers, it is no wonder this kid is at the top of the charts this time around. It also explains why JP has basically been flawless over the past month in terms of wins (11-2). Then again, Mr. Longoria could be sizzling on a team that had some help around him, but I doubt anyone blames JP for creating a deck of aces so all he needs is 1 run to win.

2. Jimmy Rollins - SS - Rockies
.500/.553/.833 21H, 5D, 0T, 3HR, 11R, 6RBI, 5BB, 4SB
J-Roll seems to be killing it once he got healthy enough to make it out onto the field. It would be amazing to see his year end totals if not for the early season injuries with the progress he has made. One has to believe that Jake will be counting on his stud in the hole to propel him past Jagger or at the very least into the WC hunt.

3. Jayson Werth - RF - Phillies
.400/.452/.727 22H, 3D, 0T, 5HR, 11R, 18RBI, 6BB, 1SB
It is not surprising to see Mr. Werth make this list this week, much like JP, his team is suited more for pitching with a select few hitters to hammer the ball around and Mr. Werth is worth all that and a bit more. However, even with the hard work Mr. Werth has been putting in at the plate, Nick is still going to have to find a little more to catch Brett in the standings.

4. Ryan Raburn - LF - Cardinals
.407/.458/.704 22H, 4D, 0T, 4HR, 12R, 17RBI, 4BB, 3SB
Oh my, who knew this kid could smack the ball around the way he has been…someone might want to inform the real Detroit Tigers they are either missing out on this kid…or more realistically, this kid is going to be a one year wonder. However, with the way Aaron has been dropping through the standing as of late, it might not matter and that would be a real shame when Mr. Raburn finally wakes up from the dream scenario he has been living in this past year.

5. Matt LaPorta - LF - Dodgers
.377/.441/.679 20H, 4D, 0T, 4HR, 15R, 17RBI, 5BB, 0SB
Finally, the last kid to crack our top five this week is Mr. LaPorta. Matt seems to be benefiting from a wonderful lead off hitter and a couple of guys that are coming through in the clutch behind him. Now while he hasn't cracked the .400 BA mark like the rest of the top 5, I doubt Shawn minds much given the run production he is providing in the middle of that lineup, but maybe he can inform the rest of his team that they are in the WC hunt and that stellar play is going to be needed from here on in.

6. Carlos Lee - LF - Rangers
Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun (7)
El Caballo gets the nod this week as the list seems a little longing for some American League pride, not to mention that while Texas is in the bottom of the AL West, this team has been without a manager for the better part of a year, so if the guy can muster up a good game without any oversight, I say we give him the benefit of the doubt because he sure isn’t getting much else on that worthless Ranger squad.


7. Jose Reyes - SS - Tigers
Third Rail (3)
Jose￾ Reyes sure was off to the races these past two weeks, but is anything less to be expected when his legs are healthy. Unfortunately, that has been a problem, so while the speed demon is getting the nod as a triple bagger stud, I am sure Brett is wishing he would stay healthy so he could be making the next top 5 rather then just being the afterthought.


8. Matt Holliday - LF - Pirates
Alabama Slammer (6)
One could say Matty boy has been on vacation with the time he has been able to admire his home runs sail out of the yard. Then again, being paired up with Either and Longoria makes for wonderful opportunities to just sit back and wait for the perfect pitch. Not much more can be said about the king of the long ball this time around, though I am sure JP would love it if both his studs were manning the top spots at the head of the class.


9. Corey Wimberly - 2B - Dodgers
Kamikaze (10)
Those who are late do no get fruit cup and Corey seems to be getting bulk right from the warehouse. In the past two weeks he was denied just twice and still managed to put up double digits. However, the kamikaze wizard of the week still has a long way to go to catch Figgins, but I am sure Shawn will try his best to motivate his speedster given the excellent track record he has been putting on display all year.


10. Chase Headley - LF - Giants
Walk in the Park (15)
Whose says those that walk instead of run are not earning their keep as Mr. Headley seems to be proving. Over the past two weeks, the man has averaged a walk a game, and four of those times they have given him the Barry Bonds treatment. Looking a little deeper into the numbers and one would have to question what exactly is Chase doing to draw all these walks, well upon further inspection probably nothing since his swinging has not generated much (BA .231). Some would have to think Furcal might be the only dangerous player in this lineup and Nils is probably nodding in agreement, which is why he is searching for that extra little pop in his step.


11. Joey Votto - 1B - Phillies
Fuck Me in the Ass Sideways (7)
It appears Mr. Votto for all the luck he can bring to his team has really been screwing them over with men on base. The kid has great talent, but until he avoids hitting into those inning killers his love from Nick will be limited. Lastly, at this pace he is bound to be starring in a Bobbi Starr video http://gallys.realitykings.com/hb/77/bo ... -pic-1.jpg with all the DPs he is hitting himself into.


That is all for this week, I plan to be putting together a hot sheet for pitchers in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully that cherry popping will go just as smoothly because I know with pitchers it can be really hard to get everything in.
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good stuff, thanks for doing it.
12, 14, 15, 17, 22
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Nice job Steve. Patiently waiting for the PR's, JP.
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