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Adapt or Die

Post by Athletics » Tue Nov 24, 2020 12:07 am

Well I gave it a good run in Anaheim, but like every good team, sometimes change is needed, especially since I wasn't seeing any Angels in the outfield.

First evaluation was me, given that I'm the owner and coach I am not going to fire myself. (Shut it Pat!). The strategy has been solid, but execution and health has been lacking.

So next I looked at player development, but the catch there is now that I have won the division four times, those prime 1st round picks are no longer a thing. The FA wire is always interesting but my best luck is usually swooping up solid 7-8th inning guys and unless they become a 140+ERA RP, their value is limited except for trade filler.

Now how about trading for talent, well I have tried a few times, but as G, Z, and a few others can tell you, I am a stubborn mule and covet certain players, so that rarely goes far unless I'm trading around the for me giving up Hayes, Meadows, and Buttery for a screwed up Puig and a questionable Eovaldi who I thought would project well (good luck Dave).

So since the first three options don't seem to work, why not try out option four, if I can't build the team to suit my park, try reverse engineering it. I believe over the last 4 or 5 years I have had an above average record there and given that until this past year, Jag was a playoff contender it can't hurt me in terms of maintaining my playoff presence.

Now of course I would still like to make a few tweaks, but canvassing the league, I feel like the haves and have nots have reached the extremes and without a 2020 minor league season the non top 50-100 prospect pool is in question, so the trade market might be as cold as the MLB free agent market.

Therefore, death to the Rally Monkey, long live Moneyball 2.0!
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