2020 NFL Playoffs

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2020 NFL Playoffs

Post by Cardinals » Sun Jan 12, 2020 8:10 am

I do not like Lamar Jackson. It's nothing against the guy personally, but living across the river from Louisville, I'm friends with a lot of annoying U of L fans that want to use his NFL success to validate the program. Also, CBS decided this year that, even though we're 100 miles from Indy and have gotten every Colts game on Sundays for over 20 years, to start showing Ravens games, so if I want the Colts back on tv he needs to suck. Like last night. I've said all year that if you get them down multiple scores that offense can't catch up cause they're built to play with a lead. Derrick Henry is a beast.

I haven't watched the 49ers much this year but they absolutely manhandled the Vikings yesterday, sorry Jason. At least you're used to playoff disappointment.

And how are the Patriots doing this year?

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