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Championship Round

Post by Pirates » Sun Mar 09, 2008 3:53 pm

Round One:

Dodgers (3) defeat Astros (30) three games to two.
Red Sox (5) defeat Rays (28) three games to one.
Blue Jays (6) defeat Mets (27) three games to zero.
Marlins (7) defeat Indians (26) three games to two.
Reds (8) defeat Cubs (25) three games to one.
Royals (10) defeat Orioles (23) three games to two.
Mariners (12) defeat Rangers (21) three games to zero.
Braves (14) defeat Diamondbacks (19) three games to two.
Tigers (15) defeat Giants (18) three games to two.
Cardinals (17) upset Twins (16) three games to two.
Rockies (20) upset White Sox (13) three games to one.
Athletics (22) upset Brewers (11) three games to one.
Padres (24) upset Nationals (9) three games to two.
Angels (29) upset Pirates (4) three games to one.

Round Two:

Phillies (1) defeat Angels (29) three games to one.
Yankees (2) defeat Padres (24) three games to one.
Red Sox (5) defeat Rockies (20) three games to one.
Blue Jays (6) defeat Cardinals (17) three games to two.
Mariners (12) upset Royals (10) three games to one.
Braves (14) upset Reds (8) three games to zero.
Tigers (15) upset Marlins (7) three games to one.
Athletics (22) upset Dodgers (3) three games to one.

Round 3

Yankees (2) defeat Tigers (15) four games to two.
Red Sox (5) defeat Braves (14) four games to three.
Mariners (12) upset Blue Jays (6) four games to three.
Athletics (22) upset Phillies (1) four games to one.

Round 4

Yankees (2) defeat A's (22) four games to one
Red Sox (5) defeat Mariners (12) four games to two

Championship Round

Game One: Yankees 11, Red Sox 10
WP: BJ Ryan
LP: Manny Delcarmen
GWRBI: Alex Rodriguez's 2 run Walk Off Homer

Game Two: Red Sox 10, Yankees 6
WP: Craig Hansen
LP: Mariano Rivera
S: Pat Neshek
GWRBI: Dustin Pedroia

Game Three: Yankees 8, Red Sox 7 (12 Innings)
WP: Joe Beimal
LP: John Grabow
GWRBI: Moises Alou

Game Four: Yankees 5, Red Sox 4
WP: Randy Johnson
LP: Josh Beckett
S: Mariano Rivera
GWRBI: Grady Sizemore

Game Five: Red Sox 4, Yankees 3
WP: Mark Buerhle
LP: Joba Chamberlain
GWRBI: Travis Hafner

Game Six: Yankees 8, Red Sox 5
WP: Felix Hernandez
LP: Jeremy Guthrie
GWRBI: Albert Pujols

Yankees (2) defeat Red Sox (5) four games to two.
12, 14, 15, 17

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